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This is a dataset of theme park wait times over time for many popular theme parks across the country. This data comes from the official theme park apps and are not crowdsourced.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is this data from?

This data comes directly from the official theme park apps. None of this data is user-submitted.

How often is this data collected?

Every 10 minutes, regardless if the park is open or closed.

How accurate is this data?

This data should reflect the same data seen in the official theme park apps. Because of unannounced changes to their APIs, some theme parks may show different (or no!) data over time.

Is this official?

No. None of this is endorsed by any of the theme parks themselves, their parent companies or anybody affiliated with the theme parks. YMMV, assume your own risk, don't sue me, etc, etc.

What license covers all of this data?

This data is first and foremost covered by any license of the theme park that provided the data. If none applies, then it's covered by Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.

How are you collecting this data?

Check out the awesome themeparks library! Much thanks to them